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   Brown-Daniel Memorial Library 1912-2012
                                       One Hundred Years of Service

1912 1918 1922 1923 1927 1929 1930 1941 1945 1948 1975 1976 1985 1989 1991 1994 1995 1997 2001 2005 2007 2008 2009 2011

Timeline- 1912  
During the early days of the institution some buildings were given two names such as this building. The Main or academic building was one of the three buildings on campus when the doors of Tennessee A and I State Normal School opened in 1912. The structure was a brick and stone structure three stories high located on the north campus where HANKAL HALL stands today. It contained the offices, laboratories, recitation rooms, library, reading room, bookstore, auditorium, dining hall, kitchen and laundry. By 1922, the classes in Home Economics and commercial education along with the kitchen, dining rooms and laundry had moved to the NEW GIRL'S INDUSTRIAL BUILDING erect in 1921. And by 1928 the administrative offices --desks of the cashier, bookkeeper, registrar and Dean, and the office of the President were centralized on the first floor of the new MEMORIAL LIBRARY erected in 1927. After the institution became a college in 1922, the MAIN OR ACADEMIC BUILDING became the TRAINING SCHOOL BUILDING or PRACTICE SCHOOL by 1923. The conversion of the building was used as a model training school for prospective teachers in the two-year elementary teachers' course and four-year high school teachers' course started by 1928. The building was demolished by 1942.  
Library was established in a small room in the Main Building.