Library Orientation

Pre- and Post-Tests

Tennessee State University 


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  Orientation Instructor
1. We use the following book classification 
2. The circulation desk is the first area you see when coming in the library.  What is the function of circulation?  
3. The TSU Library Online Catalog helps you find what? 
4. Undergraduates may check out how many books at any one time? 
5. The book Beloved, has the call number PZ4.M883 Be 1987.  Which floor of the library would it be located on? 
6. Loud/excessive use of cell phones and ear buds are prohibited in the library.  Why? 
7. Where should you go first on the library website to find articles about a research topic? 
8. Databases include 
9. The Reference Department
10. Government Documents are located on the second floor of the Brown-Daniel Library. What statements about the collection are true? 
11. Special Collections 
12. How is a library search strategy helpful? 
13. What information do you need to supply to use the libraryís resources from Off-Campus? 
14. Plagiarism is 

In general, if a citation includes a city and publisherís name, it is usually a


In general, if a citation includes a volume number and an issue number, it is most likely a