1.  Conceptual Tools for Improving Self-Knowledge: V Diagrams, Concept Maps, and Time Writings by Marino Alvarez

2.  High School Students Using Electronic Environments  by Marino Alvarez, Geoffrey Burks, Goli Sotoohi

3.  Students Creating Their Own Thinking-Learning Contexts by Marion Alvarez, Geoffrey Burks, Goli Sotoohi, Terry King, Bobby Hulan, Adelicia Graham

4.  Informing Practice through Collaborative Partnerships by Marino Alvarez,  Stephanie A. Stockman, William J. RodriguezRobert Davidson,  Katie Schwartz

5.  The Use Of Vee Diagrams With Third Graders As A Metacognitive Tool For Learning Science Concepts by Marino Alvarez,  Victoria J. Risko

6.  Thematic Organizers: Connecting the Known with the New by Marino Alvarez