1.  Information Literacy for Music Students by Fletcher F. Moon

2.  Tennessee State University Olympic Tradition by Sharon Smith

3.  Todd C. Brown (June 12, 1949-)  by Glenda M. Alvin

4.  Rose Morgan by Glenda M. Alvin

5.  Blacks in Agriculture by Fletcher F. Moon

6.  Faith-Based Entrepreneurship by Fletcher F. Moon

7.  The Changing Role of the Library Faculty in Teaching and Learning by Dr. Yildiz Binkley

8.  Help Sheet on the Use of RIA-Checkpoint Database by Christian Langer

9.  Help Sheet on the Use of AcademicSearch Premier Database by Christian Langer

10.  The Persistence of Perception-Against the Grain by Glenda M. Alvin

11.  No One Ever Told Me My Job Would Include...  by Christian Langer

12.  Examples of Handling Change While Working in Libraries by Christian Langer