In 1920-21 two cottages were erected on the east campus facing John Merritt Boulevard and immediately east of HARNED HALL. In 1931 two more cottages were erected directly next to these. Two of the cottages were five-room bungalows while three were eight room apartment type residences. These cottages served as homes for Dr. Hubert Crouch, Dr. Crawford Lindsay, Henry Arthur Kean, and President Andrew Torrance. An additional cottage was purchased at 2808 28th Avenue, North around 1950s. This cottage built in 1930 was owned by George W. Gore, Dean of the College. Dr. Gore and his family lived in the cottage until 1950 when he became president of Florida A&M University. By the 1970s three of the cottages served as the homes for Auxiliary Enterprises, the African Institute, and the home for Security Office. By 1989 all the cottages were demolished.