The two dormitories partially completed when the school opened in 1912 were located on the north campus, east and west of the MAIN or ACADEMIC BUILDING. The men and women dormitories almost the exact replica of each other were three story bricks with steam heat, electric lights, bathrooms with hot and cold water; large bright and well ventilated outside bedrooms. Each room was furnished with shades, iron enameled beds, springs, mattresses, dresser washstand, center table, a straight chair and a rocker. Each dormitory also contained a hospital room and large sitting rooms for both teachers and students. Teachers also lived in the dormitories.

        From the school's beginning up to the mid-thirties all work in the dormitories were done by students under the supervision of two matrons who rotated the work so as to give a complete round of housekeeping and nurse training experience to each student. With a promise in 1917-1918 to receive 75,000 for improvements and with campus work available, the institution's enrollment zoomed. By 1921 over 100 rooms to both dormitories were added to relieve the greatly congested conditions.