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        The FRANK G. CLEMENT HALL, when erected in 1957 was a men's residence hall. The three-story brick structure located on Alameda Street and south of the BROWN-DANIEL LIBRARY was dedicated and proclaimed FRANK G. CLEMENT HALL May 30, 1958. It was renovated in 1969 as a classroom/laboratory building containing the department of Dental Hygiene and the University of Tennessee School of Social Work.


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        Frank G. Clement was inaugurated as the 41st Governor of Tennessee on January 15, 1953. He served three terms as Governor of TN: 1953-1955, 1955-1959 and 1963-1967. During his administration as Governor he ably administered the affairs of the State of Tennessee so much so that the citizens began to enjoy a new high in prestige and respect in the eyes of our sister states. Because of his rare qualities of leadership and humanitarianism, and his unselfish interest in the progress of Tennessee A and I State University, this building was named in his honor.