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        THE PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS BUILDING when erected in 1965, housed undergraduates and research laboratories, classrooms, a lecture hall, the educational computer center, faculty offices, and the office of the head of the department of Physics and Math. The building was dedicated May 24, 1966 and proclaimed the ALGER V. BOSWELL BUILDING in 1980.

        During the Fall of 1990 the CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS/MATH BUILDINGS began a renovation, addition, and connector to the existing buildings at a cost of $6,400.000. Renovation, addition and connector was completed in 1991 and called the BOSWELL SCIENCE COMPLEX 


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        Alger V. Boswell a native of Dallas, Texas came to TSU in 1930 as a mathematics instructor and served as Professor of mathematics for 40 years until his retirement from the University in 1970. He served as Head of the Arts and Sciences Department for several years and also the first head of the Mathematics Department. Additionally he served as an Assistant Football coach during 1933-1935. In 1944 he became again an assistant football coach. From 1951 until 1965 Professor Boswell served as Vice-President of the University and was named Vice President Emeritus in 1970. In 1980 the PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS BUILDING was named in his honor and a mathematics scholarship begun in 1968 was also named in his honor. He was a founding member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. at TSU.