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        This building was the second building to be located on the south campus facing John Merritt Boulevard (Centennial Boulevard) between 35th and 36th Avenue, North, and the second ADMINISTRATION BUILDING. It was erected 1932, occupied in 1933, and dedicated in 1935. The building when completed cost $305,000 and provided administrative offices for the President, the Dean, Registrar, Director of Student Personnel, Business Office, faculty offices, classrooms, and an auditorium on the first floor which accommodated approximately 1,000 persons. The back of the stage in the auditorium served as a gymnasium for calisthenics, basketball, indoor baseball and track. The auditorium located on the third floor called the "Little Theatre" provided space for students in drama and speech activities and other various forms of student activities. Swimming classes were held in the indoor swimming pool, and in 1939 an outdoor swimming pool was added to the back of the building. During the school year 1988-89 the pool was filled with soil. In 1945 postal services were added on the first floor.

        On Homecoming November 24, 1949, the campus and immediate community heard for the first time a set of Mass Amplified Chimes coming from the steeple on the ADMINISTRATION AND HEALTH BUILDING. The Vibrachimes and clock presented to the College by the National Alumni Association was installed by Nashville's Claude P. Street Piano Company. The chimes, presented to the school by Bessie L. Walton, Class of 1929, represented a four-fold purpose:

                A Memorial -- to those passed
                An inspiration -- to present and future students
                An honor -- top veterans of the institution, Mrs. Jane Elliott and 
                    Mr. Robert E. Clay
                Appreciation--for the leadership of Dr. Walter S. Davis, President 
                    since 1943 and member of the 1931 class.

Tunes on the chimes were heard three times daily and on special occasions of football victories and requiems when those close to the school died until 1965 when the system gave way to age. A new system was installed in 19?? to the delight of the campus community.