An Annotated List of Web Sites Pertinent to the Visual Arts



Introduction: This annotated list is intended to serve as a guide to studying various aspects of the visual arts.  It is intended to serve primarily the needs of art scholarship and professional interest, rather than the art market; however the diversity of the sites are such, that it is likely that interest in almost any aspect of the visual arts could be satisfied.  This list does not include information that must be paid for unless it serves as an educational resource.  There are a total of 307 web sites, arranged under the following categories:


African/African American Art – 18 web sites                            

Art Advocacy – 3 web sites                                                                 

Art Education – 29 web sites                                                                        

Art History – 9 web sites                                                                              

Associations & Organizations – 20 web sites                                                 

Biographical Sources – 9 web sites                                                      

Career Development – 3 web sites                                                                   

Contemporary Art – 7 web sites                                                                      

Directories – 35 web sites                                                                              

Hispanic Art – 4 web sites                                                                            

Journals, Magazines, & Newsletters (Online) 65 web sites                                

Museums – 15 web sites                                                                               

Opportunities – 6 web sites                                                                           

References/Resources – 41 web sites                                                               

Women in the Visual Arts – 25 web sites                                                      

Tennessee Web Sites – 18 web sites                                                             


Categorizing these sites proved challenging and placement remains open to debate as many of them delve into a wide variety of concerns.  Likewise, some sites, particularly the directories, tend to be redundant in the information that they provide; however, due to the uncertain longevity of some web sites a little redundancy is a good thing.  Statements about specific sites indicating largest, oldest, etc. derive from the site itself and has not been verified by the compiler.


African/African American Art  AAMP: The African American Museum in Philadelphia.  The AAMP collects, preserves, and interprets the material and intellectual culture of African Americans.  The collection contains over 500,000 objects, images, and documents.  This site has no art images.   The Museum of African Art.  “Dedicated to increasing public understanding and appreciation of African art and culture.”  It organizes exhibitions and publishes monographs.   Alliance of African American Artists.  Its goal is to support artists of African descent by providing them with information, consultation, and other support services.  The site provides art images that can be ordered.   The Kennedy Center – African Odyssey, Interactive.  The AOI promotes exchange of ideas, information, and resources between artists, teachers, and students of African arts and culture.  The site includes links to African art collections at museums and universities and produces AOI-zine, which includes interviews and articles.  It archives previous editions.   California African American Museum.  “The California African American Museum researches, collects, preserves and interprets the art, history and culture of African Americans with an emphasis on California and the Western United States.”   African American Art on the Internet – B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library of Long Island University.  Provides links to web sites for African American exhibits in museums & galleries, to individual artists and African art.   Entitled: Black Women Artists.   It is an organization that provides a support network for women visual artists of African descent in the Americas.  The site lists the participating artists and provides samples of their work.   Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance.  This site provides historical, biographical information, and samples of art work by Aaron Douglas, Jacob Epstein, William H. Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Ronald C. Moody, and Archibald J. Motely, Jr.   African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning – An Electronic Exhibition catalog from the University of Virginia.  Exhibition includes 14 images with descriptive information and a bibliography.   African-Americans in the Visual Arts: A Historical Perspective.  This site provides brief biographies on notable African-American artists, images of their work, an extensive list of museums where African-American art can be seen.  African American Murals.  Features descriptive text and images of African-American murals in Los Angeles.   Museum Server – Foreign Museums on the net – Africa.  Links to web sites to public and private museums on the continent of Africa.   Selected African American Artists at The National Gallery of Art.  This site provides samples of art and brief biographies and descriptive information.   African American World/Arts & Culture.  This site provides information and samples of artwork for some of the best known African American painters.   Publicly-Owned Art by African-American Painters.  This site features twelve paintings by African American painters in the National Museum American Art.  African American History and Culture.  The site includes sections on African American Women artists, Harlem Renaissance, and papers of African American artists.   African American Art/Africa in the USA.  Acts as a portal to the following areas: African American art history, museums, institutions, galleries, exhibitions, projects, publications, and more.   Seven Famous African-American Masters of American Art – Yale, New Haven Teachers Institute.  This site features historical and critical essays on African American art with specific information on the Joshua Johnson, Robert S. Duncan, Henry Ossawa Turner, Horace Pippin, Augusta Savage, William H. Johnson, and Jacob Lawrence.  Provides additional reading list.  It does not provide art images.


Art Advocacy   Center for the Arts & Culture.  This nonprofit, nonpartisan organization serves as “an independent think tank that aims to broaden and deepen the national conversation on culture and cultural policies.”  It focuses on the areas of law, globalization, access, preservation, community, investment, and education.   najp: National Arts Journalism Program at Columbia University.  Its mission is to foster discussion of the arts and their place in society by supporting journals engaged in this effort.   Arts Extension Service – Division of Continuing Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Its purpose is to connect the arts with communities through education.  It sponsors programs in teaching, consulting, publishing, and web based instructional courses.  Publications are available for purchase.


Art Education   Arts Education Partnership.  It is a coalition of 140 arts organizations that promote the essential role of the arts in education.  It provides access to resource material and provides access to extensive education links.   American Art Clay Co.  This site provides lesson plans that utilize clay.   Art Teacher on the Net.  Provides free art projects, sheets & patterns.  It includes a section on art history.   ArtsConnectEd.  This site features digital images of works of art, more than 80 online lesson plans and curriculum units for K-12.  It provides links to other web sites useful to teachers.   Arts Ed.  It serves as an intermediary organization, providing programs and services for those active in arts education.  It provides technical assistance and grants for programs that support school reform through arts education.  Provides links to other art education sites and grant making foundations.  ArtsEdge – The Kennedy Center.  It strives to assist artists, teachers, and students gain access to and/or share information, resources, and ideas that support the arts in the K-12 curriculum.  The site features News Break, a daily update on what’s happening in arts and education, and teaching materials, lesson plans, activities, and curriculum web links.   Ask Eric – Lesson Plans.  Provides numerous lesson plans for all grade levels in the categories of architecture, computers in art, process skills, art history, music, and visual arts.   Odyssey Online Teacher’s Resource Site.  This site serves as a resource to support the use of museum objects in the classroom.  It features objects form the Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University, the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, and the Dallas Museum of Art.  It provides lesson plans for teachers in art.   Yale – New Haven Teachers Institute.  This site provides extensive list of detailed lesson plans in diverse subjects including art.   Crayolo – The Power of Creativity.  This site focuses on a variety of activities primarily for children.  It features activities, lesson plans, curriculum ideas, art techniques.  It also includes a section for art advocacy.   Virtual Curriculum: Elementary Education.  This site is intended to aid in the education of elementary age children.  “Many lessons have been written and gathered on various topics, historical time periods, and cultures throughout the world.  Each section will display lessons and links devoted to a particular concept.”   Educational Web Adventures – Inside Art.  Features online web activities for children.  The focus is on Vincent van Gogh.   Art Education Page for K12 – Internet School Library Media Center Art Education Page. This web site serves as a meta-site for educators and students to preview selected links to art education sites in the area of art history, art museums, lesson plans, kids arts & crafts, and techniques.   Index to Internet Lesson Plan Sites for K-12 Educators.  Select “The Arts” to go to links to a large number of web sites with lesson plans in the arts.   Resources for Teachers.  Lesson plans for grades1-4 and 4-8.   ArtsEdNet – The Getty’s art education web site.  Provides the following: lesson plans sorted by grade level and alphabetical listing; image galleries & exhibitions sorted by artists, title, date, or gallery; an online discussion group focusing on art education.   ICAF: International Child Art Foundation.  Its mission is to prepare children for a creative and cooperative future.  It focuses on 8-12 year olds and publishes Child Art Magazine.   How to Read a Painting.  Purpose is to teach art criticism skills to enrich the museum experience.   KidsArt – Hands on art education for home and school.  This site allows user to download free instructions for art projects and provides educational booklets for sale.  It lists the top ten online art museums for children and links to other web sites for children.   Kinderart – The largest collection of free art lessons on the Internet.  Features over 800 free lesson plans.  The site provides lesson plans in the areas of architecture, the art book artists, art history, the bulletin board, craft ideas, drawing, folk art, multiculturalism, painting, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, and more.   Eyes on Art: a learning to look curriculum.  This site features educational exercises and a visual glossary.  Exercises intended to help students look closely at art, learning artistic eras, and learning to compare and contrast art works.   McREL – Lesson Plans. Under lesson plan, choose arts to link to other lesson plan sites.   NAEA – National Art Education Association.  This site features recent news, publications, and information on its annual convention.   Daily Lesson Plan.  Provides extensive and detailed lesson plans for elementary & high school students in the fine arts.   Teachers Helping Teachers.  Features detailed lesson plans in the arts.  Material is updated weekly during the school year.   PBS Teacher Source.   Offers 3,000 lesson plans & activities.  It includes the arts and literature section.  Has ten lesson plans for the visual arts.   Sanford A Lifetime of Color – Art Products and Resources for Creative Individuals from Beginner to Advanced.  Features art activities, artist biographies, illustrated glossary of terms, art games, lesson plans, and a news letter. – Smart tools for busy teachers.  Provides over 20 lesson plans in the area of art.   The Gateway to Educational Materials.  Serves as a consortium to provide educators with quick and easy access to thousands of educational resources found in various federal, state, university, non-profit and commercial internet sites.  It includes at least 500 lesson plans, activities, and teaching ideas.


Art History   Art History Network.  It serves as a portal to other related web sites, with a special emphasis on archaeology and architecture.  These links include career opportunities, art & archaeology journals. It also provides access to individual artists, sites with historical text & artwork.   Online Images from Boston College. This site serves as an online archive of images of American & European art and architecture from the 18th to the 20th centuries.  It has images of sculpture dating from ancient era.   Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation.  This site provides access to 100,000 images of art.  It also provides architectural plans and extensive text on various artists and periods, plus essays in art history.   HuntFor Art History.  Provides representative artists with their dates and links to their work for the various historical periods; definition of terms; and history of the various artistic movements.   Web Museum Network.  This site indexes over 180 famous artists with biographical information and images of their artwork.  It also includes a glossary of painting styles.   The Perseus Digital Library – Art & Archaeology.  This site serves as library of objects from ancient Greek civilization with over 33,000 images of coins, vases, sculptures, sites, buildings.  This site was created in collaboration with museums & educational institutions.   Art Serve at the Australian National University.  Features 185,000 images of art & architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin.  User may search by artist, country, & medium and may search collections of 17 museums.   AHWA: Art History Webmasters Association.  Provides an index of art history department websites from around the world and links to art history web sites with descriptive annotations.    WorldArt Web Kiosk.  This site provides 20,000 searchable images of artwork from around the world compiled by the faculty, staff, and students of the California State University system.  The site provides descriptive information for the image.


Associations & Organizations  American Association of Museums.  This site represents every type of museum and features ethics and guidelines for the museum community, hot topics in the museum community, related web sites, and provides guidelines for starting and operating a museum.  Art & Creative Materials Institute.  ACMI is an international association recognized as a leading authority on art and craft materials.  It sponsors certification programs for safe arts & craft products.   AIC – The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.  Dedicated to preserving the art and historic artifacts of our cultural heritage, it provides a forum for an exchange of ideas and coordinates exchange of research, knowledge, & publications.  It includes links to related web sites.   American Arts Alliance.  The mission of the Alliance is to be the principal advocate for America’s professional nonprofit arts organizations in representing their interests before governmental agencies.   AMICO – Art Museum Image Consortium.  Serves as a collaborative association of nonprofit organizations to provide access to museum educational materials and collections of their art.   Alliance of Artists Communities.  This nation-wide consortium “advances the role artist communities play in the evolution of new ideas and art.”  It provides a detailed directory of its organizations and links to their web sites.   The Arts – National Endowment for the Arts.  This is the official NEA web site and it provides organizational information, application for grant forms, NEA publications, includes articles, resource information, interviews, and funding opportunities.   Arts  AMO is a joint project of Arts & Business Council Inc. and Arts & Business Council of Chicago created to provide access to practical marketing information for the arts administrator, teacher, or student.  It includes a glossary, a case study archive, research reports, marketing resources, and a marketing forum.   National Arts Education.  Serves as a source of information and advocate for the arts.  It is dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for participation and enjoyment of the arts.   CPSA: Colored Pencil Society of America.  Features calendar of events, convention information, CPS gallery, district chapters, exhibition information, membership, product research and publication.   Association for Art History.  Features membership news, a newsletter, list and description of conferences.  It is intended for professional art historians.  It does not provide information for research.   LVA: Lesbian in the Visual Arts – a promotional & networking organization. This organization sponsors diverse artistic activities.  Its primary focus is in the San Francisco area.   National Collage Society, Inc.  Its purpose is to foster the appreciation and interest in the medium of collage.  It sponsors juried exhibits.  The site provides links to art sites that present collages.   NWS: National Watercolor Society.  It traces its history back to 1920 and is an exhibiting and educational society.  It sponsors annual national watercolor competitions and includes selected paintings from recent shows.   NYFA – New York Foundation for the Arts.  This organization provides grants and other services to artists in the New York area.  It includes such information as job listings, artist opportunities, a calendar of events, feature articles, news, and reviews.    Pastel Society of America.  Founded in 1972, it sponsors an annual national competition.  The site features a history of PSA, a pastel gallery, lists workshops, exhibitions, critiques, history of pastels, membership, and publications.   Sculpture – International Sculpture Center.  Founded in 1960, this organization is open to anyone with interest in sculpture.  It features ISC news, portfolio (extensive list of sculptors with descriptive information and images), Sculpture Magazine with online selected articles, resource information, and much more.   The Studio Potter.  This nonprofit organization publishes  books, sponsors symposia, and seeks to create a network to promote interaction and exchange of information among potters.  It publishes The Studio Potter that features articles, reviews, and a gallery of ceramic artists.   VSA Arts.  This organization’s purpose is to create learning opportunities through the arts for people with disabilities.  It maintains affiliates in 39 states, including Tennessee.  This site contains excerpts from its most important publications and images of work by artists who work with VSA Arts.   AWS: American Watercolor Society.  Tracing its history to 1903, the AWS sponsors national juried watercolor competitions and the site provides an online exhibition of its members’ work.


Biographical Sources   Ask Art – The Artists Bluebook.  This site provides information on 27,000 American artists useful for collectors, gallery owners, scholars, and students of fine art.  Includes such information as dates, biographies, methods, subjects for which the artist is best known, literary sources, etc. This site provides information on over 70 painters and 19 art movements with links to detailed reference material, image galleries, and relevant books.   Frida Kahlo.  This site provides brief biography, critical essays, and bibliography.   Web Gallery of Art.  This is a searchable database containing over 10,100 art reproductions with commentaries and biographies on many of the artists.  This site focuses on European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. – the independent Rodin platform.  This site offers information, images, links, and book recommendations relating to Rodin.  In addition it lists all major collections and biographical web sites.   Online Picasso Project.  Site categories include life, museums, books, archives; it further provides year by year biography with representative works from each year of his life. – major modern & contemporary visual artists.  Features: portrait of each artist, brief biography, links to articles, essays, & interviews.   The Vincent van Gogh Gallery. Site inventory includes 2,201 works of art and 874 letters, as well as criticism, analysis, historical commentary, chronology, and links to other sites.    CGFA – Artist Indexes.  Provides an extensive listing of artists samples of their artwork, some include biographical information.


Career Development   Sylvia White Contemporary Artist’s Services – Specializing in career development for the artist.  Covers such areas as business, exhibitions, and marketing.  Features a series of articles designed to teach artists the skills they need to manage their own careers.   Professional Practices in the Arts.  Features: financial issues, gallery information, documenting artist’s work, artist interviews, and links & resources.   NURTUREart, Non-profit Inc.  This site is dedicated to helping “promising career-track emerging fine artists” to become full-time, self-supporting professionals.  This site maintains a registry of more than 300 portfolios and organizes juried & one-person exhibitions.


Contemporary Art – Abstract Expressionism, Abstract Illusionism, Lyrical Abstraction.  It focuses on historically significant artists who emerged in the late sixties.  It includes essays, reviews, & interviews.   Artist – Info – Contemporary art data base.  This site contains information on over 82,000 contemporary artists and almost 9,000 galleries.  It provides images of their art work and is international in scope.   Artnetweb.  This site is a network of people and projects investigating new media in the practice of art.  It is international in scope and includes extensive links under such categories as projects, resources, organizations, exhibit spaces, and portfolios.   Dia.  It provides access to current artists and their projects.  It also features books on contemporary artists and artist web projects.   Art Changes: From Where I Stand – Art Column by Alice Lovelace.  This is an art column by Alice Lovelace and includes an introduction and features 110 interviews, articles, and original works.   art:21 – art in the twenty-first century.  A national broadcast series on contemporary art, artists, and ideas.  It allows the user to download pdf file of 32 page full-color educator’s guide.  It also provides biographical information on the artists in the series.  It includes an online glossary and art activities.    Stunned.  Features Irish and international contemporary art on the web and promotes specific web projects.


Directories   ADAM – The gateway to art, design, architecture, & media information on the internet.  It is a searchable catalog of internet resources that have been selected and cataloged by professional librarians for the UK Higher Education Community.   AMN: Art Museum Network – The official website of the world’s leading art museums since 1996.  Provides access to over 200 AMN member sites, to the Art Image Consortium (AMICO), and Art Museum Network news.   Art Bridge.  Provides links to many categories of art such as artists, architecture, art communities, art education, art history, etc.   Web site for art collectors.  Lists gallery web sites for almost every state in the U.S., extensive museum web sites, art centers, art fairs, auctions, art magazine web sites, and books for artists and collectors.   Mother of all Art and Art History Links Pages.  Provides links to art history departments, research resources, image collections, fine art schools, art museums, and much more.  It links to sites useful to the scholar.   Art in Context.  Provides information about 11,000 artists and where to find their work and provides a directory of museums from around the world.   Artline. Provides access to over 675 art dealers, 1000 artists from 1500-2000 A.D., news about important shows and artists.   Art  Provides links to hundreds of artists, a lengthy list of galleries, many art museums, and an extensive list of informative art sites.   Art Seek – The Internet Artist’s Resource Directory.  Provides a portal to member sites that might otherwise not appear on search engines. an art and art history directory.  This directory has sixty categories to over 39,000 references to artists, museums, art styles, and more.   Arts Lynx: Visual Arts Resources form Artslynx.  Links to journals/magazines, organizations, research & history, photography, sculpture, museums, artwork, & fine artists.  Art on the Web – Art Links on the World Wide Web – 1,200+ links on art and architecture.  Exhaustive coverage of all aspects of visual arts.   The Civilized Explorer: Art on the Internet.  Provides links to art web sites with critical commentary for each site.   The CODART list: museums with significant collections of Dutch art and Flemish art.  Links to 400 museum web sites and is international in scope.  Yahoo Directory – Arts.  Exhaustive directory to wide range of web site categories such as art history (892); artists (1812); criticism and theory (29); design arts (5828); museum, galleries, & centers (1011; etc.    dmoz open directory project.  Directory to web sites in such areas in art as education (368), famous artists (1,754, galleries (1,912), genres (583), museums (462), personal pages (1,050), resources (607) and more. – Art Directory Listings.  Links to web sites in such categories as competitions, galleries, museums, resources, supplies, artists from around the world, education, employment, events, news & media, Puerto Rico Arts and Culture, and theory and criticism.   Zeroland: A directory of authoritative art and culture web sites.  Updated monthly, this site serves as a systematic directory to such subjects as architecture, art history, artists, art libraries, art museums, art periods & styles, design, drawing, galleries, magazines and journals, and much more.   VLMP – Virtual Library Museum Pages.  A comprehensive directory of on-line museums and museum related resources.  It is international in scope and includes 1031 U.S. museums.   Art Source.  Provides selective links to such categories as architecture, art libraries, artists’ projects, events, image collections, new media, vendor information, art journals online, electronic exhibitions, organizations, etc.   Imagesite. Provides directory information for art agencies, art galleries, museums, art schools and much more. It provides links to some home pages.   Yale University Library – Art & Architecture.  Links to web sites in the following categories: directories of resources, professional organizations, electronic discussion groups, art history departments, art museums, electronic resources, and electronic journals.   Museum Computer Network.  Provides links to over 1,000 international museums and museum-related web sites.   Arts – Artists.  Links to top directories, image archives & databases, recommended contemporary artists, ancient & modern artists, and more.   FineArt.  Links to over 1000 art resources in such areas as art history, photography, printmaking, mixed media, etc. Serves as guide to museum related information and links to museum web sites, virtual exhibits, educational and entertaining games and activities, and extensive learning resources.   Net-Art Links Search Engine.  Provides links to 801 art and photography sites.  Art categories include artists, crafts, criticism, directories, education, galleries, etc.   The Incredible Art Department.  Provides links to the following: museums from around the world, ethnic galleries, black artists, women artists, index to artist links (living & dead), art games, lessons, art education, and art magazines & journals.   Top 20 Art History.  Links to web sites in art history.  Categories are arranged by periods, culture, artist name, or museums.   VLMP: Virtual Library Museums Pages.  An international listing of museum websites arranged by country.   Voice of the Shuttle.  Serves as a research tool for the humanities, covering numerous subject areas including art & art history, archaeology, architecture, art styles, famous artists, museums, art theory, and online journals.  Art & Design Associations on the World Wide Web.  “Provides links to over 560 associations whose members are interested in a variety of visual arts, architecture, design, and allied arts.”  Internet Resources for Art Historians.  Links to web site in the following categories: reference, publications, artists, exhibitions, museums, images and imaging projects, professional organizations, career information, grants and fellowships.    Art History: Resources on the Web.  Directory to web sites in a wide variety of art history subjects, arranged by historical period and nationality.   Cultural Environmental Studies – Environmental Art and Visual Culture.  Provides “links to sites on environmental justice eco-art which takes on issues of race, class, gender and eco-colonialism in the unequal distribution of environmental problems and benefits within the U.S. and around the globe.”


Hispanic Art – The Premier Site for Latin Artists & Galleries. Provides access to galleries & artists, includes brief biography & samples of artist’s work and provides links to art museums throughout the Americas, plus Spain & the United Kingdom.   Famous Hispanic Painters.  Lists fourteen of the best known Hispanic painters and provides brief biographical commentary.  Some have links to additional related web sites.   CLNET Art.  Directory to web sites relating to Hispanic or Latin American Art.  MoLAA – Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach CA.  This is the only Museum in Western United States that exclusively features contemporary Latin American Art.  The site provides links to other Latin American collections.


Journals, Magazines, & Newsletters (On line)   Abstract Art Online.  Features exhibition reviews, forums with archives back to Oct. 2001.  Provides links to other web sites.   Online news source for the visual arts and is updated weekly.  Archives back to 1999 and links to other sites for news & events.   Aesthetics online – American Society for Aesthetics.  Features articles about aesthetics, philosophy of art, art theory, and art criticism.  It also provides links to aesthetic-related resources, and provides teaching and bibliographic resources.   American Art – Published by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  Includes some full text articles, features online discussion of art topics and archives issues for 2001.   ArtMuseum Network News – News from the World’s Leading Art Museums.  Provided by member institutions covering the categories of general news, events & exhibitions, buildings & spaces, collections, and people in the news.  It links to over200 member sites.   The Art Bin.  This online magazine covers the areas of art, literature, music, cultural politics, etc.  It archives back issues.   Art Business.Com.  Provides appraisals, art price data, news, articles, and market information and contains nearly 700 pages of free content.  It regularly posts current business articles and updates market information.  It reviews specialized reference books.  It offers practical & useful advice for artists.  Art Commotion.  A web magazine that focuses on contemporary visual and literary art.  The site’s primary focus is on the Los Angeles area and features commissioned art, interviews, weekly news, and reviews. Offers essays, reviews, biographies, archives previous articles and provides links to other art web sites. – The first art newspaper on the net.  Provides special reports, featured stories, anecdotes, art quiz and extensive links to museum, exhibit, artist, and education sites.  It archives past issues.   Art Deadlines List.  This is a monthly newsletter with 600-900 announcements listing art contests and competitions, art scholarships & grants, art jobs, etc.  Most information is available through subscription; however, the web site provides randomly selected short list of opportunities.  It offers a free monthly e-mail edition.   Artezine – A Cyberspace Review of the Arts.  Features articles and reviews and archives previous editions.   Artforum.  Selected full text articles with a focus on contemporary art.   The Artist’s Magazine. .  Focuses on representational art. The web site provides synopsis of articles and includes recent articles that address business, creative, art technique concerns and provides links to instruction, artist, manufacturers, miscellaneous, museum, reference, society sites.   Artkrush – the art magazine online.  Features articles, interviews, jobs & positions.  It focuses on contemporary conceptual exploration of the visual arts.   Art Magazine.  A British publication featuring articles, reviews, bulletin of upcoming events, headlines (updated daily), and artistic tips.   Printworks Magazine.  This magazine focuses on all aspects of printmaking and features articles, announcements, and showcases work of individual artists.  It provides links to printmaking web sites.   Artnet Magazine.  This site provides news, articles, reviews of exhibits and also serves as a directory, linking to art work by over 16,000 artists, 13,000 member galleries, events, museums, and Grove’s Dictionary of Art.   Art News Online. Offers selected articles from the current issue and links to contemporary art sites, galleries, museums, and foundations.  Or  The Art Newspaper.  This site reports on old art, new art, decorative art, as well as commercial & noncommercial art.  It features news, art market, books, archaeology, conservation, art & law, extensive international web sites, and much more. Features news briefs, interviews, exhibition news, group shows, art fairs, books & catalogs, and gallery & museum listings.   Art on Paper – Prints, Drawing, Photography.  This is a bimonthly art magazine devoted to works on paper.  It includes some of the content from the hard copy and offers special online features such as a guide to print workshops around the country, a complete web archive of back issues and links to 150 museums, galleries, nonprofit galleries, etc.   ArtReview: 20-21st Century Art.  It reviews “the most challenging art of our time, wherever in the world it is being made.”  Interviews both established and new artists and provides news items and features.   Art Review – Art & Culture news updated every 60 minutes.  Offers current news items relating to art and provides the opportunity for artists to place their work on the internet.    ArtScene – The Guide to Art Galleries and Museums in Southern California.  This is a comprehensive guide to the fine art galleries and museums in Southern California.  It provides previews of art exhibits and archives articles back to 1995.   ArtsEditor – a monthly arts magazine, Boston.  It features news & reviews and archives articles back to July 1999. – The Daily Digest of Arts & Cultural Journalism.  “Each day Arts Journal combs through more than 200 English-language newspapers, magazines and publications featuring writing about arts and culture.”  It archives previous articles.   Arts Wire Current – Weekly Arts News Published by the New York Foundation for the Arts.  Features news updates on social, economic, philosophical, and political issues affecting the arts and culture.  It also features opportunities for artists, organizations, and includes job listings.  It archives back to 1995. This is a monthly eight page free online newsletter with informative articles about painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, arts and crafts, etc.  This site also includes featured artists, information on art materials, archive of previous news letters, links to art organizations, art history and biographical information on selected artists.   Art Throb: Contemporary Art in South Africa.  This site offers reviews, news, art projects, extensive links to other South African art web sites, archives articles back to 1997.  Art2u – News Online.  Presents news features with archival back issues and provides links to related sights.   Artzar:  This site blends art, fiction, and photography as its focus, providing interviews, essays, and art images. It is an on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia.  The site provides numerous and diverse images of Asian art and links to associations, articles, exhibitions, and galleries.    Artery International – The Premier Online Journal of Visual Art Research in Education, Health, & Studio.  Provides articles, some of which are quite long. – Published by the College Art Association.  This online publication provides peer reviews of new books, exhibitions, and projects relevant to the fields of art and art history and maintains an archival record of its articles back to 1998.  It is a good source for selecting books for the library. – Your complete source for information on California art.  This site reports news events related to the arts and provides editorials, obituaries, lists and describes exhibitions, and recommends books.   Culture Kiosque.  This is an international magazine for the art covering the visual arts, architecture, dance, jazz, opera, and classical music, covering news events and reviews art exhibitions.  It provides links to other art websites.   Eastern Art Report On-line.  It is an international magazine of the visual arts focusing on Asia, the Middle East, and Africa or people originating from these regions.  It provides regularly updated news sections, reviews art exhibitions, and includes scholarly articles, interviews, and book reviews.   Modernity Critiques of Visual Culture.  Published semiannually, “Modernity attempts to serve as a forum for debates and dialogues that grapple with the competing interpretive strategies in play in current scholarship.”   Eyestorm.  This site offers current news, articles, interviews, reviews of exhibits and biographies on selected contemporary artists (approximately 100).   FAF: Fine Art Forum.  This is the longest running arts magazine on the internet (according to this web site). It exhibits the work of emerging international, Australian and Asian Pacific artists.  It features articles, reviews, opportunities, and events and maintains an archival record back to 1987. Contemporary Art and Culture.  It features news, reviews, web projects, discussions, and maintains an archive a previous articles.   Yahoo! News – Art and Museums.  This site features current news stories, articles, opinion & editorial pieces.  It also provides links to additional news sources, slide shows, and links to related web sites.   Gallery – Portal to the Fine Arts.  “Gallery Guide magazine is the most comprehensive source of gallery and museum exhibitions nationwide, serving the art community for over thirty years.”  In addition it features news & reviews, art on the net, and art services.   Journal of Contemporary Art online.  It provides interviews, discussions, and projects.   PMC: Post Modern Culture.  This electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures provides news, essays, reviews, and maintains an archive of back issues.   The Laughing Squid/Underground Art and Culture from San Francisco and Beyond.  This is an online resource for independent art & culture featuring daily event announcements and information on artists in the San Francisco area.   Make – Women Art Culture.  Based in London, England, this magazine covers contemporary art by women.  It includes work by emerging and established artists from around the world and features artist’s projects, interviews, reviews, and maintains an archival record of past issues.   Leonardo On-Line.  This is the World Wide Web site of Leonardo, The International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology.  It features news items and online exhibits with descriptive information.   NewCrit – A Journal of Plain Talk About New Art.  It presents itself as different from the status quo of fine art journals and will publish anything that is clearly written and adds something new outside the mainstream.  It features essays, reviews, and links to fine art images.    Art Museum Network News – News from the leading art museums.  It features general news, events & exhibitions, buildings & spaces, collections, and people in the news. This online multimedia publication presents a full range of fine and performing arts.  It uses a panel of experts in their respective fields to select the artists featured in this publication.  It exhibits work and provides a resume for each of the selected artists.   New York Art Guide – Serving the international arts community.  Published quarterly, it covers the visual arts throughout New York State and around the world, featuring exhibition reviews, articles, and interviews.   NYARTS.  This site provides daily features, previews and reviews, press releases, openings and events, national and international events, today’s art news,  a directory to New York galleries, maintains an archive back to Sept., 2001.   Parkett.  Published in “collaboration with important international artists,” each issues provides in depth reviews of each artist’s work.   Invisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture.  Each issue provides articles, book reviews, and art projects.   studioNOTES – the journal for working artists. This site provides sample issues from 1997 to 2000, featuring articles, useful information and book reviews.   Switch.  A new media art journal published by the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University, it offers articles, interviews, and discussions in the “multiple crossovers between art and technology.”   The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.  It “publishes current research, articles, symposia, special issues, and timely book reviews in aesthetics and the arts.”   TFAOI.COM – Home for representational art/Resource Library Magazine.  This weekly online art magazine and library contains feature articles, essays, thousands of individual web pages and much more.  It provides links to art museums, academies, associations, and societies.   The City Review.  Its primary focus is on Manhattan affairs and the arts, with an emphasis on architecture and city planning.  It also includes an art and museum section and numerous reviews dating back to 1997. or    Critical Inquiry published by the University of Chicago. It includes articles focusing on cultural issues and maintains an archive back to 1974.   Canadian Aesthetics Journal: The Electronic Journal of the Canadian Society for Aesthetics.  It publishes articles and reviews.   Parallel:  Gallery and Journal with an emphasis on postmodernism and poststructuralism. This site “presents work from artists and writers who are multidisciplinary in theory and in practice.”  It covers film, video, fiction, language, sexualities, death, criticism, and exhibition openings.   n.paradoxa: the only international feminist art journal – exploring feminist theory and contemporary women’s art practices.  This site features women’s art organizations, festivals, and lists other art journals for women.


Museums   The Art Institute of Chicago.  This site provides visitor information, calendar of events, lectures, exhibit information, online exhibitions, a description of museum publications, views of the permanent collection, online activities for children and adults, and ordering information for instructional information.   The British Museum. This site provides an extensive offering of art images, accompanied by explanatory text, and suggested further reading.  It includes online display of 4,000 articles.   The Detroit Institute of the Arts. This site provides visitor information, events calendar, exhibition calendar, text description of the collections (including some images), educational offerings (lectures, workshops, summer camps), and research library.   Guggenheim.Org.   Access to web sites to the Guggenheim Museums in New York, Bilao, Venice, Berlin, & Las Vegas.  This site provides access to the Guggenheim museums in New York, Bilao, Venice, Berlin, Las Vegas.  Each web site for each museum is different in its organization.  These sites provide biographical information on artist exhibited in the museums and provide suggested readings.   Heard Museum.  Dedicated to educating the public about the culture and arts of the American Indian, specifically in the Southwest.  It provides basic descriptive information on the museum and provides educational resource guides.   Louvre Museum.  This site features history of the Louvre, collections, virtual tour, latest news, activities, and information.   The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Special features: access to more than 3,500 works of art, exhibition information, visitor information, educational information, educational resources, a timeline of art history, and news from the Met. – Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.  This is the only museum in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to contemporary art.  The MOCA Portal serves as a guide to contemporary art, access news, resources, and links to the best of the web.   The Museum of Modern Art.  Its focus is the history of modern art.  The site includes exhibition information, press releases, lists of publications, research resources.   Museo Del Prado – Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain. The site includes information about the museum, images from the collection with descriptive information.   National Gallery of Art – Washington, D.C.  The site includes information about the museum and its resources and images from the collection.   National Museum of African Art. A unit of the Smithsonian, it supports exhibitions and research in both ancient and contemporary African art.  It provides samples of art from its collection.   Dali Museum, St., Petersburg, FL. This site provides information on the museum, educational lesson plans and links to related lesson plans, images with descriptive information, and a one page biography of Dali.   Tate Museums.  This site provides access to the web sites of the National Gallery of British Art, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool, and Tate St. Ives. It features descriptive information for each museum and images from the collections with descriptive text.   Whitney: Whitney Museum of American Art.  This site features visitor information, exhibition information, images of selected works from the collection, the Whitney Portal to Net Art, and Doceo – Art resources for educator.


Opportunities   Museum Job Resources Online.  This site provides links to various museum employment resources and internships.   Artist Resource: Northern California and Beyond.  This site offers career development, opportunities, tools and techniques to artists and writers.  It includes active forums such as survival tips for artists, the digital artist, legal information, censorship, and arts funding.  It also includes news and announcements and extensive links to organizations.   ArtJob online. This “is the place to find comprehensive, up-to-date national listings of jobs, internships, fellowships and other employment opportunities in the arts.”  It features articles related to career decisions and job hunting, and includes links to related web sites.   Museum Employment Resource Center.  This site features job listings by United States Museums and other cultural resource institutions.  It further lists organizations that offer courses in museum studies and Museum related links.   Museum Resource Board.  This site features the following: contact information to nearly 7,500 museums in the U.S., museum job postings, internship database, resume database, conferences and workshops, training programs, and related web sites.   Art Grants, Scholarships, Competitions, Job List.  This is a “monthly newsletter (via email or paper) with 600 – 900 announcements (every month!) listing art contests & competitions, art scholarships & grants, juried exhibitions, art jobs & internships….”etc.  Cost: email $18 a year & paper version $36 a year.  The site provides a limited listing at no charge.


Reference/Resources   Dictionary of Art Terms.  This site provides definitions for approximately 92 alphabetically arranged art terms. Or   Smithsonian Archives of American Art.  This site includes selected online oral transcripts of African American, Asian, and Latino painters, sculptors, and printmakers.   Art on the Net.  This site provides a virtual space where artists can share their art with others.  It represents over 100 artists from around the world.  It provides links to other web sites.   Art Academy.  This site provides images and biographies on contemporary artists and provides links to other sites, fun sites for kids, and art movements with descriptive information and representative artists.   The Artchive. This site provides articles in art criticism, 2000 images and information about the 200 artists that produced them and links to museums, artists, and other resources.  It also includes information on African, American, and ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese art.   Art Cult.  This site features art news, market news, obituaries, exhibitions, biographies, articles on various media & styles, a list of international artists, and links to extensive lists of galleries and links to their web sites.   Art Cyclopedia.  This site intends to become the definitive and most effective guide to museum quality fine art on the internet.  It indexes 1200 artists and offers more than 32,000 links to an estimated 100,000 works by 7,500 renowned artists.  It also includes art news.   The Art History Research Center.  It provides links to the following categories: news groups, online library catalogs, article indexes, university art history departments, art history web sites, and citing styles for electronic sources.   Artlex Art Dictionary – for artists, collectors, students, and educators in art production, criticism, history, aesthetics, and education.  This site provides “definitions for more than 3,200 terms used in visual culture, along with thousands of images, pronunciations notes, great quotations and cross-references.”   A Drawing Glossary.  This site provides an alphabetical listing of definition of terms related to drawing.  It also includes an extensive listing of further reading.   Art on File.  “Art on File’s mission is to document important new developments in the build environment.”  It images are intended for educational purposes.  Many of the projects combine art, architecture, urban planning and landscape design.   Art Resource.  This site comprises one of the largest bodies of fine art images in both America and Europe.  It features work by many prominent artists.   Art Scope.  This site provides links to resources in the visual and performing arts and includes articles on current events, news & announcements from museums, galleries, associations, etc.  It also provides reviews of books.   Words of Art: Front Page/Okanagan University College.  This is an online dictionary of alphabetically arranged terms relating to art and it provides hyperlinks to related terms.   Arts Resource Network – Sponsored by the Seattle Arts Commission.  This site provides the following: information on opportunities for grants, art competitions, job listings; information and advice on professional development; information for organizational development; arts education resources; and much more.   The Beazley Archive – A research unit of the Faculty of Classics of Wolfson College.  This site’s primary focus is on ancient pottery, sculpture, gems, and rings and provides an illustrated dictionary of names, technical terms, and vocabulary relating to Greek history, myth, geography, art, and architecture.  It is constantly updated.   Open Studio – The Arts online.  This site provides the following: basic computer & internet training and other resources for artists in the digital age. This site is dedicated to finding as many publications of art books related to what is happening in the contemporary art world.    The Bridgeman Art Library. This is a comprehensive source of fine art images drawn from thousands of museums, galleries, and contemporary artists and the collection is still growing.  For a fee it provides photographic images to its clients.   Color Theory.  This site is about the theories of color, light, and photochemical processes.  A Tribute to the Arts of Collage and Photomontage.  This site exhibits contemporary collage artists and provides information and history on collage techniques.  It provides detailed definitions for collage and photomontage and links to related web sites.   Color Matters.  This site provides resource material on all aspects of color, including a list of books relating to color, and produces a monthly newsletter about color, and links to other sites relating to color.   !CORE – The Collectors Resource for Art and Artists.  This site provides definitions, examples, and helpful links about a wide variety of art styles and media.   Animals as Represented in Mythology and Folklore.  This site provides the symbolic meanings of animals in various cultures, animal attributes for various deities, and ten animals in heaven according to Moslem tradition.   Find Articles.  This archive (dates back to 1998) enables an individual to search for published articles for free.  It includes a section on arts & entertainment.   Getty Research Institute.  This site serves as an extensive resource for art images (approx. 2 million images).   It also provides the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (125,000 terms).   Grove Art – for all aspects of the visual arts world wide.  This site provides current news, biographical information on artists and history of important art sites.   On Connoisseurship.  This site has a collection of statements about the meaning of connoisseurship.   International Print Center.  This is a resource and learning center for collectors, scholars, publishers, and anyone interested in fine art prints.  It maintains information on exhibits and juried shows.   S&P – Vision and Art.  This is a tutorial discussing the various factors influencing artistic perception such as depth perceptions and color perception.   Color Printing in the Nineteenth Century – From the Special Collections Department of the University of Delaware Library.   This site provides a historical explanation of the intaglio, relief, & lithography processes.   AICT – Art Images for College Teaching.  This site is a cooperative by members of the educational community who have contributed art images on a non-royalty basis.  The focus is primarily on ancient, medieval, renaissance, and nonwestern art.   Art Theory Resources – School of Fine Art, The University of New Castle, Australia.  This site provides material relevant to analyzing visual images and is intended for undergraduates.  It includes texts, essays, and discusses such topics as perspective, iconology, racial images, ideology, plus a list of recommended reading.   New York Art World.  This site provides reviews of exhibits, news articles, interviews, and information on museums and galleries in the New York City area.   Notebook.  This site provides definitions and historical context for art terms, articles in art education, and directories to collections, exhibitions, media projects, publications, documents, research, education, events, and much more.   The –  This site serves as a research tool to major 20th-century and contemporary visual arts.  It includes visual examples of artist’s work, accompanied by interviews or reviews, and further includes such research tools as a timeline, dictionary, international listing of art museums, links to encyclopedias, and much more.   About – Painting: A Guide to Hundreds of Sites.  It offers such features as a free newsletter, instructional articles, artist quotes, features and images on various well-known artists, articles in art history, directory to museums and galleries, workshops, and career information.   Scharlau Prints & Maps – How Prints are Made & Related Examples.  This site provides concise explanations about the process of printmaking and includes links and a bibliography.   The Printroom – Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas.  This site explains how one can identify the traits of various print forms and provides samples of some of the world’s greatest printmakers.  It includes a glossary of printmaking terms and articles about prints from Explore Magazine.  It also provides links to related web sites.   WetCanvas – Cyber Living for Artists.  The purpose of this site is to assist visual artists in sharing information and making contacts.  It offers practical advice and is a great source for all types of visual artists.    World Wide Art Resources.  This site provides information on contemporary artists, masters, museums, galleries, fine art, art history, art education, and more.  It further provides access to 65,000 works of art.


Women in the Visual Arts   Crossing the Threshold.  This site celebrates “the strength and resolve of thirty-two women artists, ranging in age from 70 to 95 years, who have persevered throughout the twentieth century and created a visual legacy for the future millennia.”   ArtTable: A national organization for professional women in the visual arts. This site seeks to identify and support policies and programs which promote the visual arts and to increase the effectiveness and visibility of women in the visual arts.  It provides a calendar of events, news announcements, job listings, exhibitions, and programs.   Art  This site’s goal is to create a dialogue on issues of current interest.  It includes a featured artist, reviews and critiques, news and events, opportunities, and a current topics forum.   Artful Women – Aviva’s Register of Women Artists.  Focusing primarily on women’s concerns, this London based magazine provides regional news for each continent and provides free listing in its online gallery to women working in the creative arts.   Community Connection – W.A.R.M. (Women’s Art Recognition Movement).  This site celebrates the many facets of women through exhibitions, performances, publications, newsletters, etc.  It features news items about W.A.R.M. and provides links to related web sites.   Women Artists – Self-portraits & Representations of Womanhood from the Medieval Period to the Present.  This site provides brief biographical data about the artists listed here.  In addition it includes reference sources, portraits of many of the artists, and links to other sites about women artists.   Distinguished Women of Past and Present.  This site provides an extensive list of women artists dating back to the Renaissance and includes biographical data, sometimes provides images, and links to other web sites.   Art Sites: History of Women Artists.  This site provides links related to women in the arts.   Feminist Majority Foundation – Feminist Arts, Literature, & Entertainment.  This site provides links to selected sites for individuals, organizations, and institutions that focus on feminist issues.   Guerrilla Girls – Your Cultural Conscience.  This group of women artists, writers, performers, and film-makers “use humor to convey information, provoke discussion, and show that feminists can be funny.”  Their primary goal is to expose racism in our society.   Her Arts.  This site emphasizes discussion of issues related to visual art, feminism, aesthetics, marketing, process and gender.  It provides news about its members, a list of its members and samples of their art, and links to related web sites.   The Women’s Resource Project – Artists.  This site provides a short list of famous women artists, with biographical information and samples of their work, and it links to sites related to Women in the arts.   Women Artists Archive – Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center, University Library, Sonoma State University.  This site contains information on over 1,400 women artists from the Middle Ages to the present.  It encourages women who have had at least one museum show to submit samples of their art and information about themselves.  It links to web sites about women artists.   Women’s Caucus For Art.  This site focuses on “contributions of women and people of color throughout the history of art.  It provides information on its services, activities, conferences, etc.  It also provides links to related web sites.  National Association of Women Artists.  “NAWA seeks to foster artists who are women and offer exposure and opportunities for sharing that special communication inherent in art.”  It provides organizational news.   The National Museum of Women in the Arts – Washington D.C.  This is “the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to recognizing the contributions of women artists.” It provides biographical profiles on artists in the museum, educational resource material, and information on the museum.   Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.  This museum is dedicated to the work of the artist and includes biographical information, education programs and a resource center.   Parallels: Illustrations by early women artists, et al from the Early Music Women Composers Page.  This site provides art images and descriptive text.   Opening Closed Doors – providing a community of artists’ opportunities to impact the lives of women and girls.  This organization sponsors events & exhibitions that address various social concerns of women.   WWA: Working Women Artists and Arts Resources.  This organization strives to make women artists and their art more visible in the community.  It offers a network of communication and support and sponsors exhibitions, workshops, and other educational programs.  It provides links to other art sites.   The Varo Registry of Women Artists.  This is an electronic registry of artwork by contemporary international women.  It provides each artist with her own web page of images, background information, and artist’s statement.  It also provides resource material relating to women’s artistic interest, extensive bibliography, and interactive list serves   Women Environmental Artistic Directory.  The purpose of this site is to provide access to information and networking among artists and individuals in other fields.  It provides links to related sites.   Make – The Organization for Women in the Arts.  It publishes Make Magazine, which focuses on women’s art practice & contemporary culture.   Women Artists in History.  This site links to web sites that feature women artists.   The World’s Women On-Line! Electronic Art Networking.  This site showcases women artists from around the world with representative piece of art and descriptive information about the artist.


Tennessee Web Sites   Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga.  This is a nonprofit united arts fund and arts council, providing a united voice for all cultural organizations and activities in Hamilton County.  It includes a directory to all of the member art organizations.   Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission.  The Commission provides support for the arts in Nashville.  It features an artist registry, a directory of arts organizations in Nashville, announcements and press releases, and a newsletter.   Tennessee Arts Commission.  Supporting the arts for the entire State, it features grant programs, web sites of interest, artist opportunities, events listings, and news.   Brooks – Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. It is the oldest museum in Tennessee, with particular strengths in Italian Renaissance & Baroque painting and hosts world-class traveling exhibits.  The web site provides information about the facility and programs and describes the permanent collection.   Cheekwood – Botanical Garden and Museum of Art, Nashville, TN.  This site provides descriptive information about the facilities and services and lists a schedule of events and programs.  It also provides selected images from the permanent and temporary exhibits.   Customs House Museum & Cultural Center, Clarksville, TN.  This is Tennessee’s second largest general museum and includes gallery spaces for fine art, science, and history.  The site provides information about the facility and programs, and includes an events calendar.   The Dixon Gallery & Gardens – Memphis.  This Museum’s permanent collection is devoted to French and American Impressionistic and Post-Impressionistic art.  It is also strong in the decorative arts.  The web site provides samples from the collection and describes its programs and activities.   Fisk University Galleries, including the Aaron Douglas Gallery and The Carl Van Vechten Gallery.  These galleries house a permanent collection of African American Art and the Alfred Stieglitz Collection, and they sponsor traveling exhibits as well.  The web site provides extensive description about the collections and the galleries and it provides images from its permanent collection.   Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville, TN.  The Frist hosts traveling exhibits and its web site lists its exhibitions, educational programs, visitor information, news, and information about the center.   Hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga, TN.  The web site describes the facilities and programs offered by the museum and it further provides descriptive information on the permanent collection with sample images.   KMA – Knoxville Museum of Art.  The museum’s web site provides descriptive information about its facilities, services, and programs.  It provides selected images from recent exhibitions.  The Arts Council, Knoxville, TN.  The Council supports and promotes the arts in and around the Knoxville area, through educational programs, exhibition opportunities, and community services.  It also features listings of events, member groups, and other resources.   Greater Memphis Arts Council.  Established to improve the cultural quality of the community, it supports twenty local arts groups and more than forty special projects.  The web site features the listing of events and participating art groups.   The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee.  This is a replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece.  It serves as a museum and exhibition gallery.  The Web site provides information about the facility, programs and events.  It also includes a dictionary of terms relating to ancient Greek art and art in general.  It provides images of the Cowan collection of American art, photos of the current exhibits, and photos of the Tennessee Centennial Exhibition.  It also provides links to related web sites.   The Renaissance Center, Dickson, TN.  The Center is a state-of-the-art facility utilizing the latest technology to promote educational programs in the visual arts, music, drama, multimedia, and 3D animation.  The web site describes the center, its activities and programs.   Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  One of six regional institutes established by the Getty Center for Education in the Arts, its “mission is to bring about change in education programs through advocacy, curriculum development, and professional training.”   TAEA – Tennessee Art Education Association.  Its mission is “to advance quality visual arts education, promote professional development, and influence the direction of Art Education.”  The web site maintains an archive of its newsletters, calendar of events, and conference information.   Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN.  This is one of the largest State museums in the nation with more than 60,000 square feet of permanent exhibits and 10,000 square feet of changing exhibition space.  Although primarily a history museum, it has frequently sponsored quality art exhibitions.  The web site provides an events and exhibition calendar and provides information about the facilities and programs.



Compiled by Mitchell Chamberlain: Tennessee State University Library